Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gummo's Draft Card

Gummo in Uniform

In 1916, Milton (Gummo) Marx was ready to leave the Marx Brothers act, and joined his father Sam in selling boxes to grocery stores during the day, performing with the brothers at night. When WWI came along, their mother Minnie realized one of her five sons would have to enter the service. Chico was married, and Zeppo, the youngest, would not be expected to go. Harpo and Groucho were essential to the act. Gummo, who later admitted he was the worst actor among the brothers, was told by his mother Minnie, "We can do without you." So he enlisted in the Air Force. There was a shortage of planes, and so Gummo's induction was delayed. In the meantime, his number came up and he was drafted into the Army. He didn't have to go overseas, and had a pretty good time in the Army.

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