Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Groucho Gets His Ashes Hauled

In a nice way I mean.

From the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World, May 19, 1982

If you're wondering about the opening line of this post, it was inspired by something Groucho said at "An Evening with Groucho" at Carnegie Hall in 1972. Talking about his family's nicknames, Groucho said, "My other brother Gummo-it's not his real name, his real name was Milton. It seemed like such a silly name, and we used to call him Gumshoes, because somebody had given him a pair of rubbers. In a nice way, I mean. And that's his name: Gummo Marx. My name, of course, I never did understand."


  1. How bizarre! Why would anyone steal them just so they could move them from one cemetery to another???